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Travel Acronyms

Here are some common expressions that will help you communicate easily while you are in Egypt.

Yes: naam, aywa
No: la
Impossible: mesh mumken
Necessary: daruri
Please: men fadlak (m.) men fadlik (f.)
Thank you: shukran
Where Is...?: fein....?
What Time Is It?: el-saa kam?
How Are You?: ez zayyak? (masc) ez zayyek? (fem)
Nice to Meet You: Saadot belkak سعدت بلقائك
I Speak English: ana batkallem englizi
Can You Help Me?: mumken tsaa'dni?
Sorry/Excuse Me: assef
Good Morning: sabah el-kheir صباح الخير
Good Evening: masa el-kheir مساء الخير
Good Night: tesbah ala kheir تصبح علي خير
Goodbye: salam (peace)

Travel Expressions

Airplane: tayara
Airport: mattar
Ticket: tazkara
Customs: gumruk
Station: mahatta
Train: atre or kittar
Suitcase: shanta
When Does The....Arrive?: emta yewssal …
When Does The...Leave?: emta qiyam...
Can You Wait For Me?: mumkin testanany?
I need a ticket please: Menfadlak 3ayez tazkara